International Tiger Day 2017

International Tiger Day, 2017 was celebrated on 29th July, 2017 at conference hall of Nandankanan zoological park. Mr. Jayant Kumar Das, Deputy Director, Nandankanan Kamal Lochan Purohit, Assistant Director, Nandankanan Dr. Anil Kumar Das, Senior Veterinary Officer, Nandankanan and Mr. Michael Peter, WWF Odisha Chapter was Guest of Honour. Read more

Celebrates 57th Foundation Day

The Nandankanan Zoological Park on Thursday celebrated its 57th foundation day unveiling a slew of new facilities including online ticketing system for the ease of people. Read more

Bear Safari

Nandankanan Zoological Park is one of the premier large zoos in India and was established on 29th December, 1960. The White tiger Safari and the Lion Safari was established in the year 1991 and 1984 respectively. The Herbivore safari was created in the Park in the year 2011. Read more

Large Bird Aviary

Here is one of the best maintained with lots of colourful birds. The main attraction is the Open Aviary where the birds fly around freely. Read more

Attractive Small Mammal Enclosure Complex

There are several types of mammals in nandankanan. Small mammals are comparatively easy to study. General principles of small mammals ecology are quite well known Read more

Amphibian Enclosure

Nandankanan is the first premier large zoo to exhibit amphibians. An amphibian enclosure has been established with viewers gallery over a plinth area . Read more

Walk Through Aviary

The walk-through aviary has a cascading waterfall and a meandering water channel of 58 m length having two arched cross over bridge along the 216 m laterite stone paved walking path with separate entry and exit points. In addition to the existing large and small trees, hundreds of selective plants have been planted to provide perches and hiding places for the birds housed. Read more

Herbivore Safari

Herbivore safari is established in the year 2012 extending over an area of with a road network of 2 Km. length. The safari houses Barking Deer, Spotted Deer, Sambars, Four horned antelope, wild boar, jungle fowls, peafowls etc. Read more

Open top Leopard enclosure

The new open top Leopard enclosure in Nandankanan is one among the very few in the country which attempts to exhibit this species in a large naturalistic enclosure which is open to the sky. This enclosure has been designed aesthetically to maximise visitor satisfaction without compromising the safety and security of the animal as well as visitors. Read more

Nature Interpretation Centre

The Nature Interpretation Centre has been established near the entrance gate.The Centre has display boards, models and audiovisual aids depicting the importance of Zoological Park and other important wildlife areas of Odisha.It also displays the activities behind the scenes for creating awareness amongst the visitors. Read more

Reptile Interpretation Centre

An Reptile Interpretation Centre depicting the evolution and biology of reptiles has been established in the entrance of reptile park displaying models of prehistoric animals. Read more

Book on 'Amphibians of Nandankanan'

A book entitled “Amphibians of Nandankanan” has been published which documented the amphibian diversity (20 species) inside the sanctuary area. Read more

Booklet on ‘Butterflies of Nandankanan’

The state has now got it`s first Butterfly Park at the botanical garden of Nandankanan, which was inaugurated on Thursday by Forest and Environment Minister Bijayshree Routray. Read more

Book on ‘Nandankanan-Faunal Diversity’

A book titled ‘Nandankanan-Faunal Diversity’ has been released during 2010 documenting the brief biology of all the animals at Nandankanan. It also enumerates the free ranging animals of the Sanctuary area. Read more