literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

The World Zoo Conservation Strategy emphasizes that the use of a variety of educational techniques, facilities and considerations, together with knowledge, creativity and inventiveness can make zoos highly interesting, attractive and effective places for environmental conservation and holistic life system education.

Nandankanan Zoo School was formally opened on 29 th December, 2003 (on the occasion of 44th Foundation Day of Nandankanan Zoological Park). The first issue of Newsletter of Nandankanan Zoo School, named “ Panchatantra ” was released on this occasion. Nandankanan Zoo School is a platform where students get opportunities to learn/know about wild animals/biodiversity/wilderness of planet earth (more particularly of this region) through specially designed programmes of Awareness/Education. These programmes (with lots of fun and excitement) are interactive, innovative, enriched learning. The students get an opportunity to learn and disseminate the need for conserving the wilderness/wildlife/biodiversity.

Interested students are welcomed to join Nandankanan Zoo School. If you intend to join you may contact you principal or coordinator (if already nominated). More than 300 students have already joined Nandankanan Zoo School formally but a large number of students also attend the Awareness/Education programmes during various important occasions Wildlife Week celebration, Elephant Day celebration, Wetland Day celebration, Birth Day of New born of the zoo, etc. and become part of the zoo school. To make the learning more exciting at the Zoo many innovative activities are added.

Your participation is absolutely at your convenience. We always follow the principle of “Learning with pleasure”. Apart from this news letter of Nandankanan Zoo School (Panchantra) you may access various information through our website: . You can also down load the back issues of “Panchatantra” from the website. There is a separate section on Nandankanan Zoo School in our website exclusively for you. Zoo Outreach Organization, Coimbatore assist us by sending education materials/educational kits on various endangered species and welfare of animals during the celebration of important occasions.