What is Zoo Ambassador Programme?
It is an Education programme of Nandankanan Zoological Park for students, to make a future aiming in the field of wildlife conservation. Its objective is to select an “Ambassador for Nandankanan” from schools for spreading awareness on wildlife in the school.

Who can apply to become “Zoo Ambassador”?
Students from class VII, VIII & IX can apply to become a Zoo Ambassador.

How Zoo Ambassadors shall be selected?
Schools need to prepare the list of interested students and apply online through website of Nandankanan i.e., https://www.nandankanan.org/Zoo-Ambassador-Programme.php. Study material will be sent to school for circulating among the enrolled students. An examination will have to be conducted in all schools in the second week of December, 2023. Answer sheets need to be submitted to Nandankanan Authority immediately after the said examination. The topper in the examination will be selected as “Zoo Ambassador of Nandankanan” for the school.

How many ambassadors will be there in one school?
Only one ambassador from each school will be selected.

What is the tenure of the Zoo Ambassador?
For one year i.e. from 01.01.2024 to 31.12.2024

What is the role of Zoo Ambassador?
The ambassador will be provided with the updated information and news from the field of wildlife conservation in general and Nandankanan Zoological Park in particular. The ambassador shall be given with a certificate and badge. The zoo ambassador along with his/her family can visit Nandankanan free of cost two times further he/she can visit Nandankanan free of cost at any time during his/her tenure.

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • He/she can participate in eco days of Nandankanan in both off-line and online events.
  • He/she can be a part of special citizen science programmes of Nandankanan like Sunday Bird walk, Moth watching, Tree walk, and Census activities.
  • He/she will organise awareness events in his/her schools on behalf of Nandankanan.
  • Zoo Ambassador will get a certificate after successful completion of his/her tenure.