literally meaning "The Garden of Heaven"

Token feedings, with live commentary by keepers, give an insight into the characteristics of the respective animals. (Schedules are subjected to change.)

Timings Exhibit
10.00-1.00 AM Gharial
10.00-10.30 AM Water Bird aviary
4.00-4.30 PM Carnivores (Tiger, Lion, Leopard, Hyena)
10.30-11.00 AM Elephant
10.00-11.30 AM Birds (Fruits & Veg)
9.30-10.00 AM Zebra-Deermash
4.00-4.30 PM All herbivores (Grass)
9.30-10.00 AM Deer, Antelopes – Deermash
10.00-12.00 Noon (Monday) King cobra
Throughout the day Chimpanzee
11.00-11.30, Rice/Milk/Cooked food Orangutan
10.00-10.30 AM Rhino, Hippo